Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Garden

I love royal weddings!  I remember waking up early to see Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married when I was a little girl.  Now, I am going to get up very early to see Prince William wed Kate Middleton today!
Our flowers last year!
Molly and I have been picking out our seeds for our flower garden.  We have been royally influenced in our choices this year.

Sweet William is going to marry...
Flowering Kale, I mean Kate.
She is as sweet as an English Daisy.
She will become a part of the Royal Family!
The Archbishop of Canterbury will marry them.
And they will live happily ever after in misty Anglesey, Britain!

Are you looking for something cute to do with your little ones to mark the occaision?  Look here! (And then look at the other ideas to the right!)

Today I am grateful for:
1. Tivo.  If I don't get up early enough, Tivo will record it for me!
2. Summer is coming!  We can plant soon.  I have big plans for the garden this year.


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