Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vancouver Adventures

We had a rainy spring break week.  I wish the weather had been better, but we had one day (sort of) with sun.  I think Mother Nature must be holding back for a super-terrific summer she has planned for us.  Right?  (Say yes.)

We decided to stick closer to home and have our adventure here in Vancouver.

The Pearson Air Museum is close by, and we went to visit!  It is located in a large hangar in Fort Vancouver, near Officer's Row and downtown Vancouver.  

The rudders and tail fin wiggle on this one! The propeller spins too.

There are plenty of cute things for little ones to do, and lots of really great information for older children and adults on the history of flight, and specifically the history of flight in the northwest.
Here is part of the museum.  There is so much more!
The museum is housed in this hangar.
They even had a Snoopy plane.  Molly is pretty crazy about Snoopy ever since her Grammy showed her "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".  She thinks Snoopy is hilarious. Though I am not sure she was as impressed with the Red Baron plane as I was.

As we walked through the parking lot when we were finished with the museum, we smelled something wonderful.  I had heard that there was a wonderful bakery nearby, so we followed our noses.

The Julia Bakery is located not *too* far from Pearson Air Museum!  We had to get out the GPS to find it though :).   Molly chose a cookie, I had a blueberry scone, and Marshall had a bun with prosciotto, ham, and olives baked inside.  We all liked our choices. 
Mmmm scones!
Today I am grateful for:
1. Healthy kids!  I am probably jinxing it, but everyone has been healthy for awhile.
2. Family to share holidays with!
3. Intermittent sunny weather.
4. A great crafting room to sew in.  I know I am lucky to have one!
5. My Dads!  I have two, and one has a birthday today!  Happy birthday Dad! (Ha, just realized he used to oversee/something the Pearson Air Field when he worked for the city.  What a coincidence!)


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