Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project #1: Ironing Board Cover

I finally got my first project done.  I wanted to do one a week, ha ha.  Oh well, it is a start!

I love that iron holder thingy- it is from IKEA.  So are the wall hanging containers.  But they are super old.  Now they have these...

I recovered my ironing board.  It was an old cover, one we had had since we got married (10+ years old).  At Christmas I had ironed some fusible interfacing the wrong way - down - and it had become sticky.  So as a temporary fix, I put a piece of waxed paper on the sticky spot.  And then it wasn't fun to iron anymore.  Not that it ever was fun, but it was even less so when I was dealing with the wax paper and sticky spot.  

So!  A new cover became one of my project goals for the year.  I wanted a bright spot of yellow in the room and I had these in my stash.  Perfect.  Except the polka dot was too short.  I remembered seeing a picture of a pattern from Cotton Way of patchwork ironing board covers, and I thought oh!  I can do something simple to make my fabric stretch. I added the gingham to make it a bit longer, and it worked!

I followed pretty much the same pattern for making the cover as I did here when I made the mini one.

It sure is bright and pretty- and I am enjoying being able to iron things again!

Today I am Grateful for:
1. A sunny spring like day!  We went for a long walk and the flowers and trees were awesome.  Yay spring!
2. Jack's teeth.  He is getting some new molars, and so nursing is off and on, but I am grateful he will be able to chew things up better with his new teeth.
3.  My little girl is four.  Oh my.  This deserves it's own post, but oh.  Four.  So big!


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