Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stop Freaking Out Resolution, and More!

I can't stand a picture-less post on my blog, so here is my winter mantel.
I always want to spell mantel with the l and the e switched around.  It looks funny to me this way.
I have a tendency to overthink things.  A lot.  I think about them and think about them, and then don't do anything because I am scared of the results.  Or the process.  I do this with everything. EVERYTHING! It is soooo frustrating.

I went to hear Amy Karol of Angry Chicken speak at Powell's last fall when her new book came out, and she said something that was super awesome. (I am paraphrasing here...) She said that we should treat our first time doing something as a practice run, and expect it won't turn out like we want it to. If we just expect that- and it does turn out well, then wahoo!  If it doesn't, well, then you know what to fix the next time. When she said that (or you know, something close to it) it was like something released for me- it made sense, and someone (Angry Chicken no less!) had given me permission to mess up. It is okay to mess up.  

So my first New Year's Resolution is to stop freaking out. Stop overthinking things. Just sew.  Just repair. Just finish something.

Here is my big resolution this year: I will be sewing/making/repairing/finishing one thing a week this year.  I have a bunch of things just waiting to be finished, and 2011 is their year! I will also blog it, whatever it is. It might be a box that needs to be emptied from our move a year and a half ago, it might be a sewing project that I promised someone I would finish for them. I am going to stop overthinking things and get something finished.

So here are the other New Year's Resolutions that I would like to make public (because it might light the fire I need under my bum to get going on them if I tell you):

1. Stated above- get 1 project a week finished.
2. Open my Etsy shop.  Soonish.
3. Blog once a week, twice if possible.
4. Stop volunteering for things.  Full stop.  My plate is full.
5. Stick to my budgeted allowance.
6. Get rid of stuff.

Okay, that sounds great!  I am full of excitement about this year, and can't wait to get a start on my list.  After this stomach flu goes away. (Seriously- I always get the flu shot and I always get the flu!  I know, I know, not all flu viruses are in that shot- but still- I am putting it out there to the universe- I DON'T WANT THE FLU ANYMORE.  STOP GIVING IT TO ME.) 

And I am sorry I was gone so long from this space.  This fall was a bit overwhelming.  I am back now though!  Happy Halloween!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Christmas/Holidays!  Happy New Year!  

I am also going to add things I am thankful for to the bottom of each blog entry from now on! 

Things I am thankful for today:
1. My beautiful semi-healthy children.  (Flu/colds/new teeth!)
2. Marshall.  We are like peas and carrots, and I don't tell him enough how great he is.  Honey, you are great.  I love you.
3. Living in the NW.  It  makes me so happy.
4. A home.  Food. My husband is employed.  All good things that I don't take for granted.
5. The people who read this blog.  Thank you!

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  1. Good for you for coming back! I think your resolutions are perfect, and I'm rooting for you. :-)


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