Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project #2: Finishing a Pillow

I was super lucky and was able to take Elizabeth Hartman's Free Motion Quilting class at Modern Domestic. If you have never taken a class there, and you are a local, you should!  Our class was a nice small size, and I felt like I had lots of time to ask lots of questions and get help when I needed it. Elizabeth is a wonderful instructor and I wholeheartedly recommend her class!
My pillow!
We spent the first day cutting our fabric and learning how to practice quilting with a walking foot. On our second day we practiced quilting on a second quilt sandwich with our free motion, or darning foot.  
This was supposed to be wonkier lines.
I learned I have to start really wonky for them to stay wonky as I go.
I had ordered a free motion foot and a walking foot years ago, knowing that someday I would want to use them to quilt something I had finished. I was pretty nervous to put them on my machine, but after the first class I came home and hooked up the walking foot. It was awesome! And after the second class, I came home and hooked up my free motion foot, and it was awesome too!
Pebble quilting!!!  Oh I was super excited to learn this one.
I finished up my pillow at home, and took it to our quilt guild meeting for show and tell. Yay! I had something to show! Not a quilt yet, but I'll get there.
Stippling.  The hardest for me!  I held my breath the whole time I did this square.
It turned out much better than I thought it would.
The fun part of this is I did most of it with little ones (literally) tugging on my sleeves...and pants. So if I can quilt like that, imagine what will happen if I have a little time to myself.
Leafy vines! I wanted to try stars on vines, but the ones I did looked like sad wierd triangles.
I am super happy I was able to take this class. I know I will be able to keep practicing the techniques and improve with time. What is your favorite quilting (or other!) class you have ever taken?  

Today I am Grateful for:
1. Sewing!  Quilting!  It makes me happy.
2. PMQG.
3. Learning new things.
4. Living so near PDX.  So many amazing ladies belong to my quilt guild!  I am lucky!


  1. I have never tried FMQing . . . I think I need a class though. The one time I dropped the feed dogs it was an unmitigated disaster.

  2. Lovely! I have a free motion foot, but I've only played around with it on my own... I need to find a class. I wish I could do stippling... :)

  3. Jodie sent me.

    I like that cushion A LOT. grey and green is a real favourite combo and those textures are absolutely gorgeous. You are very clever!

    I'm gonna go tell other people to come see this ;-)


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