Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Love Sesame Street

Molly on one of her favorite "rocas" (rocks)

We were taking a walk in our lovely neighborhood the other day.  There are three little rocks along the way that Molly loves to sit on, or jump from, or count on the walk.  As we came up to her "favorite rocks" this is what happened.

Molly: (pointing to first rock) Uno!

Angie: (turning to Marshall) Did she just say uno?

Marshall:  If she says dos I am going to freak out.

Molly: (pointing to second rock) Dos!

Angie and Marshall laugh uncontrollably.

Molly: (pointing to third rock) Place! (translation = tres)

Angie:  Molly, where did you learn that?

Molly: Sessa Street!  It's spanish!

Molly jumping off roca numero tres (rock number three)
(Did I say that right?  I don't know, I googled it.  So much for two years of high school spanish...)

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  1. We had the same thing happen! Freaked me out and made me happy at the same time.


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