Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bee Vintage- July Blocks for Emily

Crazy blue, pink, and green sheet that I found thrifting turns into a cute Sawtooth Star!
I am a part of a quilting bee called Bee Vintage.  Each month a new "Queen Bee" is the head of the quilting bee and lets all the others know what quilt block to make for them.  When we are finished, we send them through the mail to the Queen Bee.  The Queen Bee makes a quilt from all the blocks that we send.  Our bee uses vintage sheets for our quilt blocks.

I thought I would be on top of the whole bee thing- but here it is the end of July/beginning of August and I just finished the quilt blocks up.  Hmm...having a three year old and a three month old isn't very conducive to crafting!  It took me three days to do three Sawtooth Stars...yikes.  

I love this sweet little blue and green floral print.
Emily asked for Sawtooth Stars.  I think I have made these before, but...well, maybe it's just my imagination.  I love that in the process of making them, you make flying geese blocks.

I couldn't resist adding a little yellow!
In our bee, we use our thrifted sheets we have on hand.  If we want the group to add something specific to our blocks, we send it out ahead of time.  It's a lot of fun to dig through my sheets and fat quarters and find just the right print for each block.  I had a bit of a hard time deciding!  And one of the best parts of being in a bee each month is I get to make a new block I've never made before.  How fun!  

This is my first bee and I am not sure what to send with my bee blocks.  I sent a note and an extra vintage sheet fat quarter with this set for Emily.  Does anyone have any tips for me on bee etiquette?  

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  1. I don't have any tips, but I do think it's good to send along a personal note, and a little extra is a sweet touch. I'm in my first bee too (also w/ vintage sheets), and I've been sending a couple extra FQs with my squares (and doing extra squares if possible). When it was my month, only one person sent anything extra (some blank notecards), and a couple people made me an extra block. On the other hand, the founder of the bee didn't even send a note - just stuck her business card in. Oh well. I say err on the side of being a little generous - it can never hurt!

    Oh, and good job on your blocks! I like the way you took the pictures too. :-)


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