Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Finds

I love thrifting. It is one of my favorite things to do. When I lived in Anchorage, Alaska, the thrifting was pretty limited. We had two Value Villages, one Salvation Army, and a few charity run thrift shops that were the most fun to shop at if you wanted a great bargain.

Here in Vancouver, Washington, I am surrounded by thrift stores and loving it! Some of my favorites are again, those smaller ones that are run by charities, but I always go back to my reliable Goodwill (which come to think of it- is also charity run). This last week I had a bit of fun shopping and found these bargains.

This chick has been on my mind for about a year! I first saw it on Morgan's blog, One More Moore. It was in her daughter's Easter basket last year, and I loved it. I even saved a picture of it on my bookmarks so I could remember what it looked like! Funny enough, like my Mom always says, you can find anything you are looking for thrifting! You just have to be a little patient. I was so happy to put this little guy in my cart. He will be in Molly's Easter basket this year.

This book cracked me up. I always go through the craft books at Goodwill, and they always have a diverse selection. It has a bunch of fun (old school) crafts in it. One of my favorites is using a nail to punch holes in recyclable cans, then lighting a candle in them to see the design. Does anyone remember doing that at camp or school? I do! The teacher in me cringes to think of all those little kids with nails and hammers. Oh my.

And my most favorite of all- thrifted sheets! I love these retro daisies with the pink background. I have been collecting 1960's and 1970's sheets for a while and have amassed quite a few. I would love to do a vintage sheet swap- I see that there is one right now at Shari's blog, Sew Make Time. I am not sure I have the nerve to cut into them. I love them so much! I am dreaming of making a nine-patch quilt with them. I think a king size. Ha. First I need to finish the other two quilts sitting in my WIP pile!


  1. Great finds! I love finding pretty thrifted sheets, too, but it seems like they are in pretty high demand.

  2. Oh, great finds! I would have snapped up those pink daisy sheets too! :-)


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