Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bag Review: Vintage Sheet Market Shopper from Artsy Craftsy Babe

I stalked Beki's blog when she was in the process of making this bag!  I loved it- it's roomy size, it's use of vintage sheets (my collection is probably way too big), and it's shape.  When she posted the pattern for sale, I think I might have been one of the first to buy it.  

It is easy, easy, easy!  I usually mess up something when I am constructing from a pattern.  I didn't do it on this one.  Yay!  I actually think it took me longer to cut it out than it did to sew it. A first for me.

It is roomy, for sure, and I don't mind that there is no interfacing in it.  I definitely mess things up when I add interfacing to things.  I need a class in interfacing.  Interfacing 101.  Maybe someone on Craftsy will offer one someday?  I would take that class in a heartbeat!  I just don't know how to use it properly, where, tips for using it, and examples of what kind works with what kind of projects.  Oh, off topic...

Anywho!  I love this bag.  I have one tip- when you use vintage sheets, they are definitely worn in- soft and lovely.  Sometimes when you are sewing two older ones together, it can be a bit slippery.  I recommend you use one that maybe isn't as worn as the other if you can.  It really helped with sewing this bag up easily. Or, you know, some spray starch. I always forget to use that stuff.

She has the pattern for sale here!  I love that I can immediately download these patterns and set right to work if I want. If you have a large vintage sheet collection like me, this is a great way to use up one little bit at a time and make something useful and pretty.  AND you can sell them too if you want! I really appreciate it when I buy a pattern and have permission to sell it.  I haven't actually ever sold anything yet that I have sewn, but to have the option is very nice. It seems like so much work to develop and write a pattern and I would never want to sell something that I didn't have permission to do so with first. 

I have gotten so many nice comments on this bag- and I have to say at Quilt Market Heather Ross (amazing and delightful fabric designer and crafty book writer) and Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter (one of my favorite quilty bloggers in the universe) both noticed it was a vintage sheet and complimented it! 


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