Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycling Vintage Sheets on Earth Day

The sheets are ready for the vintage sheet fat quarter swap!

It was a bit daunting to think about cutting all the sheets, so when I saw the advice from My Tiny Robot Heart, I knew ripping was the way to go. That, and my Mom told me it would be a lot faster.

It was a lot easier to rip up all the pretty sheets once I got started. I measured first, found the best way to divide it into a "chubby" fat quarter (usually around 20 x 23 inches, some were smaller though), and made my cuts. I ripped them outside. There are a lot of particles that float around when you do it inside. My mom rips sheets for her rag rugs (seriously cute) and she mentioned that this would be best. Once they were ripped into large strips, I made the second cuts where the fat quarter would be, and ripped those. I ironed each one and folded them the way that our swap master Katie requested.

Blue sheets.

Pink sheets.

Yellow, green, and orange sheets.

I am so excited to participate in my first swap- I can't wait to see what I will get back!


  1. You have some really pretty ones there! Your swap partners are going to be very pleased!

  2. These look great! I hope I get some of these! I haven't started ripping mine yet because I have grown attached to some of them already, even though I bought them specifically for the swap.

    I'm intrigued by the "seriously cute" rag rugs that your mum makes...I'd love to see a few pictures!

  3. So pretty! I have quite a collection of blues going too...

  4. so pretty! am i greedy to want one of each?

  5. I think I got some of your blue FQ's in the swap... I REALLY LOVE THEM! I was secretly hoping to get a few blues...


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